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Utterly Menthol E-Liquid (Original Cirro Recipe)


Discover our Original Utterly Menthol flavoured e-liquid and enjoy the cool and fresh tasting vape e-liquid, which is a perfect choice if you’re used to smoking menthol cigarettes. Our menthol...

Regular Tobacco E-Liquid (Original Cirro Recipe)


This Tobacco E Liquid is our very first flavour and where it all began. As the first e liquid flavour to be released under the Cirro vape brand, that very...

Cherry Bomb E-Liquid (Original Cirro Recipe)


Our Original Cirro cherry vape e-liquid uses the original Cirro cherry bomb flavour 10 ml e-liquid that you used to love to vape, now ready to buy from the original...

Vanilla Sundae E-Liquid (Original Cirro Recipe)


Our Original vanilla e-liquid is the original Cirro vanilla sundae e-liquid recipe that you have known and loved, now available from the original Cirro manufacturers once again. With its creamy...

Reload Vape Device & Bar Shot (Nic Salts) Gift Card


Our Gift Card for 1|Reload device and any Bar Shot Nic Salts makes the perfect present for any vaper or those in you family and friends who look to stop smoking! Available...

Vape Device & Cirro / Nic Salt E Liquids Gift Card


Our Gift Card for 1 vape device and any E Liquids or Nic Salts makes the perfect present for any vaper or those in you family and friends who look to...

Nic Salts E Liquids Gift Card (Nic Rush Recipe)


Our Gift Card for Original Nic Rish Nic Salts E Liquids makes the perfect present for any vaper or those in you family and friends who look to stop smoking! Available...

E Liquids / Vape Gift Card (Original Cirro Recipe)


Our Gift Card for for Original Cirro E Liquids / Vape Juice makes the perfect present for any vaper or those in you family and friends who look to stop smoking! Available as...

Frequently asked questions

Who makes Cirro e liquid?
Great question! Cirro eliquid was originally manufactured by Lumo Liquids (the parent company of Original C) right here in the UK. Up until 2021, Lumo Liquids had been producing the Cirro brand with the recipe that they had created back in 2013 when the Cirro brand was first born.
Has Cirro liquid changed?
In 2021, Cirro had decided to move their manufacturing to Poland in a bid to reduce manufacturing costs. However, in doing so, the recipe ingredients and PG:VG ratio had been altered, which resulted in a dramatic difference to the taste.
Where to buy Cirro e liquid?
Enter Original C - You can now purchase the original tasting Cirro brand of e-liquid right here. Choose from the flavours you know and love; from menthol, to tobacco and the rest of the Cirro flavours including blackcurrant, blueberry, strawberry, and every flavour inbetween! We offer some great deals to our customers - from a free sample for those who aren't sure - to a multi-buy 4 for 3 offer, and even a huge 40% discount to new customers looking to find that long lost Cirro flavour.
What e-liquid should I use?
If you're the type of vaper that uses devices and vape kits such as your average MTL starter kits, then look no further as Original C is definitely the right e-liquid for you. Nic salts or nicotine salts deliver a much smoother throat hit. As they are available in higher strengths such as 10mg and 20mg, vapers tend to consume a higher nicotine strength due to the throat hit being much less harsh.
What strength nicotine should I use?
Original C e-liquid is available in the same strengths as the Cirro brand once was. Whether you're vaping a single flavour e-liquid or the blended flavours vape juice, you'll be sure to find the right nicotine strength for your e-liquid. Our single flavour e-liquid is available in 6mg, 11mg and 18mg, and our blended range can be purchased in 3mg or 6mg. It's hard to say for sure which nicotine strength is right for you but as a general rule of thumb, we've put together this quick guide for you to discover which is the best e-liquid strength: - 3mg: Casual or social smokers, or those who smoked under 10 cigarettes per day - 6mg: ex-smokers of under 10 tobacco cigarettes per day - 11mg: ex-smokers of around 10 to 20 tobacco cigarettes per day - 18mg: ex-smokers of 20 or more tobacco cigarettes per day These values refer to the nicotine content per ml of eliquid.
What device should I use with Original C eliquid?
Original C vape juice is suitable for vape kits that are more commonly known as MTL e-cigarette starter kits. MTL refers to Mouth to Lung vaping and it refers to the style of how a smoker inhales cigarettes. Vape kits that cater for this type of vaping tend to be recommended for ex-smokers and new vapers.
What are Nic Salts E Liquids compred to Freebase E Liquids?
In summary, nic salts are best for those who want a strong and quick nicotine hit, similar to smoking, while freebase e-liquids offer a broader range of nicotine strengths and are suitable for various devices, making them a versatile choice for vapers. The choice between the two depends on your preferences and vaping goals.
Who are Original Cirro E Liquid (by Original C) STOCKISTS?
We will not be supplying any multiple retailers going forward. You can only buy Original Cirro online on our Original C website or via select online resellers.
Want to become one of our select Original C Online RESELLERS?
We are thrilled to announce that Original C is officially open to trade enquiries! As a leading innovator in our industry, we recognize the importance of collaboration and expansion, and we are eager to forge new relationships with retailers, distributors, and businesses alike. If you are interested in becoming an Original C Reseller please reach out to us at sales@originalc.co.uk. Thank you for considering Original C. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with you and contributing to each other's success in the marketplace.