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Vaping Devices, Kits and Coils

Finding the right e-cigarette vape kit is essential in making getting the best vape experience to ensure that you stay off the cigarettes. It's so important to own a device that you feel comfortable with. Your first starter kit needs to be a durable and straightforward vape kit that stands to deliver. The vape starter needs to be right for the vape e-liquid you choose to put in it. Whether it's an MTL vape (Mouth-to-lung) you're after, or a DTL (Direct-to-lung) vaping experience, this will dictate the type of vape e-cigarette device you need. Here at Original C, our experts have carefully selected a range of starter kits for their ease and functionality. Take advantage of a free e-liquid on selected vape starter type kits, such as the Aspire Flexus Q pod kit and the Aspire PockeX starter kit.

Hiit Reload | Refillable Rechargeable Disposable


The Reload device by Hiit is a hybrid-disposable device. This means that it is a super convenient type of device that is also a rechargeable and refillable vape kit. It's...

Aspire Pockex Kit


VAPE KIT INCLUDES FREE E-LIQUID (Add E-liquid to cart for automatic discount)  The Aspire PockeX vape pen provides a full-flavoured vape that will satisfy both novice and experienced vapers.  It's an ideal starter kit that is pocket-friendly and...

Aspire PockeX Coils


The Aspire PockeX coils feature Utech design, which passes airflow twice around the coil for maximum flavour absorption. PockeX coils have a resistance range of 0.6 ohm and 1.2 ohm, delivering a mouth-to-lung vape that's rich in flavour and vapour. The PockeX coils feature Aspire's genuine product check code, so you can...

Aspire Flexus Q Kit


INCLUDES FREE E-LIQUID (Add to cart for automatic discount) The Aspire Flexus Q kit has a fast charging function and compact design. You can adjust the airflow to suit your...

Aspire Flexus AF Coils 1.0 ohm


Aspire Flexus coils are specifically created for use within the pod of the Aspire Flexus Kit. As the pods themselves can be reused, you can simply change the coil within the pod...

Frequently asked questions | Vaping FAQs

How does a vape kit work?
Most starter kits these days are AIO (all in one) vape kits which comprises of the battery and a tank. The battery heats up the vape e-liquid in the tank of the starter kit to produce a vapour that is inhaled to deliver your nicotine hit - depending on your choice of nicotine strength. There are many different factors to take into consideration - from the wattage, adjustable airflow and the type of vape starter kits available. We've broken the main categories of Vaper Starters down below.
What different vape starter type of kits are available?
  • Vape Pens are cylindrical in shape which gives its name, 'vape pen'. It is the second iteration of a starter kit after the first e-cigarettes to market which was the cigarette-style Cigalike.

    These vape kits are typically used as a starter kit for vapers beginning their vape starter journey. The reason for this is that a starter kit comprises everything you need to get going. - except the e-liquid!

    The Aspire PockeX is the best-selling vape pen in the UK due to its easy-to-use functionality, which makes it perfect for both new and seasoned vapers!

  • Box Mod Vapes tend to be more suited for DTL vaping and producing large vapour clouds. They are often accompanied by variable wattage and various other technical aspects that can be tailored. These are more suited for experienced vapers and hobbyists.

  • Pod Vape Kits As the name suggests, a pod kit is a vape device that houses a pod system, instead of a tank that contains a coil that needs to be replaced. Pod kits come in two variations:
    1. Open pod vape kitscome with a refillable pod where you can choose your own vape e-liquid to fill the pod kit.
    2. Closed pod kits do not have the option to choose your own vape e-liquid as the pod system itself is sealed and is pre-filled with its own vape e-liquid.

  • Disposable vapes
  • are one of the most recent entries to the vape kit market, offering vapers the convenience of it being 'ready-to-vape'. However, disposable vapes come with big drawbacks, including poor environmental credentials. Disposables can be very expensive in the long run. You can read more about disposable vapes on our Blog.

    If convenience is what you're looking for, Original C offers a hybrid disposable vape, the Hiit RELOAD which can be refilled up to 10 times with your own choice of vape e-liquid - it's also rechargeable! Hiir Bar Shots offers you the same great-tasting flavoured vape e-liquid that's found in the leading disposable vapes on the market, such as the Elf Bar.
What are the best brands for vape kits?
There are many big brands on offer including Innokin, Geekvape, Uwell, VooPoo, Smok and Vaporesso. However, here at Original C, we only stock starter kits made by the world's leading vape hardware manufacturer, Aspire.

Here at Original C, we're confident that all Aspire products are superior to the likes of Innokin, Geekvape, Uwell, VooPoo, Smok and Vaporesso - due to their generous 6-month warranty on their vape kits.
How can I safely charge my vape kit?
Whether you are using a starter kit or a more advanced vape kit, it is important to understand that safe charging practices apply. You need to ensure that you are using a certified charging adapter and that you carefully follow the instructions in your starter kit to adhere to the safe charging practices.

Never leave your vape kit charging unattended and ensure that your vape is charged on a hard surface, away from any flammable items. Never leave the vape kit to charge overnight.