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Original Menthol E-Liquid


Discover our Original Utterly Menthol flavoured e-liquid and enjoy the cool and fresh tasting vape e-liquid, which is a perfect choice if you’re used to smoking menthol cigarettes. Our menthol e-liquid is packed full of minty freshness, and is created using the original Cirro menthol recipe that you know and love.   


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Really pleased with the service provided from you guys.


Really pleased I've found somewhere that does my original ecig liquid, thank you so much!


I found you after a search for 20/80 e liquid that took me to a forum where a guy said he found you guys and are the original manufacturer of the cirro liquids.


Thankyou very much for being so helpful! Great customer service.


Hi. So glad I’ve found you. I thought I had been sold a dud batch of Cirro after being with them for years. The taste was all wrong. Really wrong!


I would like to leave the following feedback. So pleased to have found this company. I searched to find out what had happened to cirro utterly menthol liquid and found a site called e liquid reviewer, and it was on this site everyone was complaining about the change. Then one reviewer recommended originalc, so I decided to place an order. and was absolutely delighted with the service, delivery, and the liquid was exactly the same as I had been using from cirro. I would most definitely recommend to anyone, so so happy to have found you.


After only ever using cirro utterly menthol 11mg I was devastated when they changed to 12 mg and lost the whole flavour of the original. I spent a fortune trying different brands but could never find another menthol flavour that I liked. When I saw your website on a review site which said you did the original flavours I didn't want to get my hopes up but it really was back to the original flavour and all is right in my world again :) Good value, fast delivery and great customer service.
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Original C e-liquid in menthol flavour in 6mg nicotine strength

Original Menthol E-Liquid


Frequently asked questions

Has Cirro utterly menthol changed?
The original Utterly Menthol flavoured e-liquid recipe by Cirro has not only changed the manufacturing facilities of its e-liquid outside of the UK, it's changed the PGVG ratio and flavour ingredients of the e-liquid. This has had a profound effect on the flavour of the much loved e-liquid. Many Cirro customers have been left very unhappy with their new e-liquid as the flavour does not match the taste they're so used to vaping. Luckily, as the original manufacturers of the much loved Cirro brand of e-liquid, we also own the beloved, authentic Cirro recipe!
What is the best menthol e-liquid?
As one of the UK's best-selling e-liquid brands over the past decade, millions of vapers would agree that the original Cirro menthol e-liquid is the best e-liquid in the UK. The sales data speaks for itself! This menthol e-liquid has been in the top 5 selling menthol e-liquids in the whole of the UK. Original C Utterly Menthol is highly rated by our customers with many claiming its the best vape juice around!
Why were menthol cigarettes banned?
Research shows that smoking menthol tobacco cigarettes increases the uptake of smoking and thus makes it difficult for smokers to kick the habit. Studies show that the anaesthetic effects of menthol in cigarettes means that smokers inhale more cigarette smoke which allows it to penetrate more deeply in the delivery into the lungs. This increases the lung's exposure to harmful substances found in tobacco smoke.
Is it safe to vape menthol?
As menthol e-liquid does not contain tobacco, nor does it contain the harmful substances found in tobacco smoke, it falls outside of the ban and so do the dangers associated with it. According to Public Health England, vaping is 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Therefore, you can rest assured that the same health risks do not apply when you vape your menthol flavoured e-liquid.
What does menthol e-liquid taste like?
A favourite of many menthol cigarettes smokers. menthol vape juice is a natural flavour that has strong flavour notes of mint. Contrary to menthol flavoured cigarettes, it does not come with the taste of tobacco. Menthol has the ability to wake up your taste buds with its fresh and cooling flavour which can leave your mouth tingling. Many describe our the menthol version of Original C e-liquid as being an icy and cooling effect much associated with the icy mint chewing gum flavours.
When did Cirro Utterly menthol change?
The Utterly Menthol Cirro recipe changed in 2020 as the owner of the company decided to move manufacturing abroad. As the original manufacturers of the Cirro e-liquid brand between 2013 and 2020, we are able to continue offering that authentic taste to vapers in the UK through our Original C brand - an e-liquid made here in the UK at our EU GMP pharma-grade facilities.
Why should I buy Original C e-liquid?
There are many reasons you should give our vape juice a try!

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Great tasting liquid vape recipe that is loved by millions of vapers

We use the highest quality ingredients in the industry - going above and beyond the industry standards

Produced at EU GMP pharma-grade manufacturing facilities

Every ml in our bottles is made right here in the UK

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