The standard single e-liquids from Original C are available in a wide range of flavours. Bringing back the original Cirro flavours we know you love. With 8 popular single e-liquid flavours to try, we’re sure you will find a flavour you love. All our single e-liquid flavours can be purchased in a range of different nicotine strengths. Available in 6mg, 8mg, and 11mg. Allowing you to choose the right amount of nicotine for you, with the great taste of a single flavour. Check them out here and let us help you re-discover the great tasting flavours of Cirro. Only available from Original C, the original manufacturers of the Cirro brand. For those of you seeking a new e-liquid flavour or are new to vaping, our multi-buy deal is perfect. Buy 4 flavours and get 25% off your order!

Single Flavour E Liquids

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Our e-liquid flavours can be purchased with nicotine strengths of 6mg, 11mg, and 18mg so you can get the right strength for your needs. Nicotine strengths will vary depending on the flavour you select.
We are the previous manufacturers of the Cirro e-liquids, so all of their old flavours were made by us, and we are continuing to produce them. For any customers that enjoyed the old Cirro flavours you can find them here.
PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is an artificial mixing agent that is used to bring the flavour of the e-liquid forward. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin is a natural mixing agent that is used to provide the vapour of the liquid. Each flavour comes with different VG:PG ratios but they have been kept the same as the old Cirro vape flavours so you can still enjoy your favourite flavours without any unexpected alterations.
Like the old Cirro our Original C flavours are available in 10ml bottles and can be purchased individually or in multipacks of three.
This comes down to your personal preference. Some vapers like to start with tobacco flavours before moving onto something sweeter and fruity. Our best-selling flavour for starter vapers is Regular Tobacco or Utterly Menthol.

This depends on which flavour you have initially used. For example, if you were to refill your vape with an Original Menthol Ice Cool flavour where before you have been using Original Menthol, there wouldn’t be any issues as the menthols would combine and ultimately your new flavour would not be affected. However, if you were using an Original Cherry Bomb here you previously had Original Ice Blast, then it might be advisable to change the coil before you do so, as the incompatibility of the flavours would affect the flavour of the Cherry which will be overtaken by the Ice Blast.

Try to use similar flavours if you don’t want to replace your coil yet, and be sure to clean your vape tanks when changing flavour profiles. If you were a previous Cirro e-liquid user, you shouldn’t have any need to change your coil as our liquid is the same recipe as the old Cirro e-liquids.

As with the original Cirro e-liquids, our Original C flavor ingredients have been evaluated to gain an insight into whether they might cause an allergic reaction. All flavor ingredients used in the Original C e-liquids are approved food additives with none of them being known to cause any respiratory allergic reactions. Our recipes are the same as the original Cirro vape liquids.

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