Our Standards

Our Standards

Our Promise

We’re pretty pedantic about Quality and Safety and what’s more, we always have been. This dedication comes from our decades of experience within the pharmaceutical industry where customer safety and product quality are paramount.


Quality Assurance from Design Through to Delivery

All the ingredients that we used are tested and certified as pharmaceutical grade. All the flavours we use have been rigorously screened for any known respiratory sensitisers by a team of qualified and accredited toxicologists. We apply pharmaceutical practices to the mixing and bottling of our e-liquids, including supporting functions such as contamination control, record keeping, training, maintenance, cleaning and cleanliness, etc. For every batch produced, we record and store all relevant data relating to its storage, handling, manufacture and testing prior to release by our Quality Control team.

With a facility which has held a MHRA licence for over 25 years, and a longstanding and committed workforce highly trained in Pharmaceutical manufacturing practices, accompanied with years of experience in e-liquid manufacturing, we guarantee consistency, quality, safety and control when manufacturing our products.




We know the importance of Product Quality, and therefore we commissioned on-site a specialised custom-built laboratory, staffed with analysts who are highly experienced in testing pharmaceuticals, e-liquids and e-liquid vapours.

We meticulously test all raw ingredients as well as every batch of finished product for all Critical Quality Attributes at a standard far higher than required by TPD.




Our Accreditations:

Our experience, quality disciplines and accreditations are unrivalled in the e-liquid market. We volunteer to be regularly inspected by internationally renowned Quality Certification bodies, and our external accreditations speak for themselves:


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