Really pleased with the service provided from you guys.


Really pleased I've found somewhere that does my original ecig liquid, thank you so much!


I found you after a search for 20/80 e liquid that took me to a forum where a guy said he found you guys and are the original manufacturer of the cirro liquids.


After I ordered a batch of Cirro andrealied it had been changed (and almost having a meltdown), I found https://eliquid-reviewer.com/ (which I assumed was to crap all over Cirro's SEO). I stalked this most days and commented a few times

original.co.uk eventually popped up in one of the threads so I repeated that in a few of the other threads, did an order and followed up with my feedback after my irst delivery - Then ordered myself a stockpile.

I originally started using Utterky Menthol because someone I know was working at the co-op  and was buying it from there. I tried others, but never liked any of them. It seems to me like there's going to be a lot of people buying through Tesco/Co-op that are disappointed right now and won't know about Original C.

You should definitely let your respondent's here and existing Lumo customers know if you ever plan on launching a campaign to get Original C stocker where those like me used to buy Cirro from, if there's a way that community pressure will help the cause.


A few months ago I placed my usual order with Ten motives for my Cirro Menthol -  the only menthol I like! But what I received wasn't my usual much loved flavour, but a completely inferior product that I really didin't like! I was absolutely gutted that I could no longer obtain my usual and plaved multiple orders for different brand of menthol e liquid to try and find a new favourite, but nothing came close to the original Cirro menthol. So I ggogled it in the hope I could find a supplier that still had some of the original in stock (I found 5 bottles from a company in Edinburgh!). Once that ran out I started googling again trying to find some more and this is when I came across a post on Eliqued reviewer titled 'Where has my Cirro eliqued gone'. Very interesting, there were lots like me wanting to source the original product as no-one was keen on the new Cirro. Someone posted a link to the Original C website and that is how I found you! I was chuffed to pieces and placed an order straightaway! I need to place a new order now, so if you want to save postage costs I am happy for the 3 free bottles to be sent with my next order which I'll place now.  I found your website easy to navigate by the way! 


Hi. So glad I’ve found you. I thought I had been sold a dud batch of Cirro after being with them for years. The taste was all wrong. Really wrong!

I found you via eliquid-reviewer.com and their chat feature. Many people are spreading the word that you were the original and continue to keep the tastes going. I was straight to your own website, order in, received, over-pleased, Cirro new batch in the bin…..

I’ll be back monthly for my supply of menthol 6mg.


I would like to leave the following feedback,

So pleased to have found this company.

I searched to find out what had happened to cirro utterly menthol liquid and found a site called e liquid reviewer, and it was on this site everyone was complaining about the change. Then one reviewer recommended originalc, so I decided to place an order. and was absolutely delighted with the service, delivery, and the liquid was exactly the same as I had been using from cirro.

I would most definitely recommend to anyone, so so happy to have found you.

Look forward to placing another order soon.


Thanks for the email below, it’s been a great discovery to find that you are supplying the cirro as per the original cirro vape juice - believe me it does really make a difference. 

I was browsing the web to see if I could find any cirro menthol and came across a webpage discussion that mentioned about the original cirro menthol with your details and following reading further reviews I opted to make an order for 12no cirro original menthol with 6mg, upon delivery I tried the juice and was so pleased it was actually the same as the original, this is the only vape juice I can really get on with despite trying various others - big thank you and I will be placing further orders with your company.


After only ever using cirro utterly menthol 11mg I was devastated when they changed to 12 mg and lost the whole flavour of the original.  I spent a fortune trying different brands but could never find another menthol flavour that I liked.  When I saw your website on a review site which said you did the original flavours I didn't want to get my hopes up but it really was back to the original flavour and all is right in my world again :)

Good value, fast delivery and great customer service.  

Thank you  

I did do 2 orders as I was so pleased to see you made them I thought I'd stock up😁


Thankyou very much for being so helpful!  Great customer service.


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