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Take a Break from Smoking this Easter

Easter is almost here, and it's a time when families and friends come together to have fun and eat yummy food. But did you know that for some people, Easter can make them want to smoke more, especially if they're hanging out with friends who smoke?

But guess what? Easter could be a super cool time to try something different instead of smoking – like vaping! Vaping is kind of like smoking, but it's way safer and doesn't have all the yucky stuff that cigarettes do.

Why is Quitting Smoking Is Good for You.

Here are some cool things that can happen when you stop smoking:

Breathe Better:

Your lungs will thank you! When you quit smoking, it's easier to breathe and run around without getting tired so quickly. 

Feel Stronger:

Your body will get stronger because you won't be putting bad stuff into it anymore. You'll have more energy to play, run, and do fun stuff!

Smell Better:

Smoking can make you smell stinky, but when you stop smoking, you'll smell fresh and clean. Plus, your clothes won't have that yucky smoke smell anymore.

Look Better:

Smoking can make your skin look older and your teeth yellow. But when you quit, your skin can look healthier, and your teeth can stay nice and white.

Why Trying vaping could help you and how.

First off, smoking is really bad for your health. It can make you sick with things like lung cancer and heart disease. Plus, it makes your skin look old and can give you stinky breath and yellow teeth. Not cool, right? Vaping is much better for you, and it's not as stinky or gross as smoking. So, this Easter, why not take a break from smoking and give vaping a try? Your body will thank you for it!

If you are giving vaping a try, here are some tips.

  1. Pick a good vaping device from a trusted company. You want something easy to use and that makes nice clouds of vapor.
  2. Start with a vape juice that doesn't have too much nicotine. You can always increase the strength later if you need to.
  3. Try out different flavours of vape juice until you find ones you really like. There are tons of yummy flavours out there!
  4. Don't forget to ask for help if you need it. Quitting smoking can be tough, but there are lots of people who can support you along the way.

With Easter just around the corner, why not give vaping a shot? It's a safer and cooler alternative to smoking, and it could help you kick the habit for good. Just remember to choose a good vape, start slow with nicotine, try different flavours, and ask for help if you need it. We offer some gift kits to get you started and/or your friends or a family member started on the journey.You got this!