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Original Cirro Subscription Service: Vape with Ease

In the fast-paced world of vaping, ensuring a constant supply of your favourite e-liquids can sometimes be a challenge. Original C Subscription Service aims to simplify and enhance your vaping experience with a hassle-free subscription model. With a user-friendly interface and customisable options, this service provides a seamless way to enjoy your preferred e-liquids without the worry of running low. 

E Liquid / Nic Salts Subscriptions - How does it work?

  • Subscribe & Save: Enjoy 28% Off Each Repeat Order.  On the product page, a simple 'subscribe & save' option unlocks a 28% discount on each repeat order at your specified delivery order frequency. Offering convenience and an automatically applied extra discount, subscribing ensures that you don’t run out of the good stuff.
  • Flexibility in Subscription Frequency and Flavours. Choose your preferred subscription frequency - ranging from days to weeks, to match your consumption patterns. Original C understands that variety is the spice of life, and so our service allows you to mix and match flavours & strengths within the same subscription order.
  • 4for3 Offer: Automatic Savings on Initial Subscription Order. The Original Cirro E Liquid / Nic Salts 4for3 offer is automatically applied to your first subscription order, ensuring you are not missing out on this when choosing subscriptions.
  • Friendly Reminder System: Stay in Control. Original C Subscription Service employs a user-centric approach with its timely email reminder system. Instead of automatically charging your card and sending the next order, you receive a friendly email notification at the specified frequency, allowing you to fully stay in control.
  • Confirmation at Your Convenience. When the reminder email arrives, confirming your next order is just a click away. The email includes a prominent button that takes you directly to the (website) checkout with your preferred flavours and quantities preselected and the 28% subscription discount for repeat orders applied already.
  • Full Control: No Automatic Charges. One of the standout features of Original C Subscription Service is its commitment to giving users full control. No automatic charges are made to your card or account. The next order is only sent when you confirm it via the reply to the reminder email or by making payment on the website.
  • Easy Subscription Management. Should you wish to make changes to your subscription, the subscription portal provides a convenient platform. Visit to adjust your preferences, ensuring that you always receive the products you want when you want them.

Range of Cirro E Liquid and Nic Rush Salts Flavours.

The service not only offers convenience but also an expansive range of flavours, drawing from the meticulously crafted Original C E-Liquid Collection. 

Prepare for an unparalleled flavorful adventure, exploring our single-blend Cirro e-liquid offerings, ranging from the cool notes of menthol to the rich warmth of Vanilla, the sweetness of Cherry, the classic essence of Tobacco, the enigmatic Heisenberger, and the fruity delights of Strawberry and Blueberry. 

Quality forms the essence of our Cirro E-Liquid Collection, with each e-liquid meticulously fashioned with precision and care to uphold the highest standards of flavour and safety. Our Original Cirro E Liquids are available in 6mg, 11mg, and 18mg strengths, while our Nic Salts E Liquids boast 20mg strengths and the bottles are conveniently sized at 10ml.

Subscriptions, your sleigh to a healthier you in 2024.

Now as we embark on a new year, many of us set resolutions to make positive changes in our lives. Quitting smoking is a common and commendable New Year's resolution, and Original Cirro Subscription Service provides a seamless solution to support this journey.

 By simplifying the process of ordering e-liquids and ensuring a steady supply of your favourite flavours, Original C makes it easier than ever to stay committed to your resolution. As you take control of your vaping experience, consider this subscription service not just as a convenient choice but also as a valuable ally in achieving your resolution to embrace a smoke-free lifestyle in the coming year. 

Go on, take the step and stop smoking and let Original C Subscription Service be part of and help you on your journey towards a healthier, tobacco-free you in the new year.

Little reminder of why you should stop smoking.

Smoking's like signing up for a VIP pass to a whole bunch of health troubles. When you puff on that cigarette, you're basically inviting in a party of toxic troublemakers like nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tar. 

Nicotine's the addict that never leaves, messing with your heart rate and blood pressure. Carbon monoxide? It plays tag with your oxygen supply, leaving your organs in need of some serious air. And let's not forget about tar – that sticky gunk that turns your lungs into a not-so-happy place. 

Smoking's the VIP ticket to lung cancer, heart problems, and a bunch of other diseases you'd rather skip. Plus, it's not just about you – secondhand smoke does the same damage to anyone around you. So, ditch the smoke and embrace a healthier vibe for you and those sharing your air.

And here is what you get if you do stop smoking.

When you kick the smoking habit, your body starts on a remarkable journey towards healing and rejuvenation. Almost immediately, your heart rate and blood pressure begin to normalize, easing the strain on your cardiovascular system. Within just a few days, your sense of taste and smell start to sharpen as your body begins to repair damaged nerve endings.

As the weeks go by, your lungs start clearing out mucus and toxins, leading to improved breathing and increased lung capacity. Long-term benefits include a significantly reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, and various cancers. Over time, the risk of respiratory conditions like chronic bronchitis and emphysema also diminishes.

 Beyond the physical improvements, there are mental and emotional victories – breaking free from the grip of addiction fosters increased energy, better mood, and a sense of accomplishment. Quitting smoking is a powerful choice that brings about positive changes, transforming not only your health but your overall well-being.