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Is Vaping Really Cheaper Than Smoking?

Aside from the obvious health benefits of quitting smoking cigarettes and switching to vaping, we've all heard that vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes. It's hard to believe when you take into account all of the different consumables like coils and vape e-liquid that's needed for a vape kit. However, with cigarettes prices increasing every year, vaping is becoming increasingly more tempting to the cigarette smoking population to try alternative methods of getting their nicotine hit. The average cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes is now an eye-watering £12.66!

It also comes down to what type of vape kit you're using. If you're someone who wants the latest technology and opts for an all bells and whistles type of vape kit that looks like something out of Star Trek, then vaping may not be a cost-effective solution. However, for the average vapers who are used to vaping vape pens and starter kits, then the cost saving compared with smoking cigarettes is considerable!

Cons of disposable vaping

More recently, disposable vapes have come in to play. This again brings the cost of vaping up considerably as by the nature of its name, these are single use items as opposed to a trusty vape kit that can be used repeatedly over the course of a few years - the lifetime of your chosen e-cigarette vape kit. What might seem like a cheap solution right there in the heat of the moment, can actually transpire to become quite a costly alternative when compared with more traditional methods of vaping e-cigarettes. 

Original C has introduced a vape e-liquid range that has the same great flavours that have become so popular in the disposable vape format. Hiit Bar Shots bring you disposable vape flavours in a bottle! Not only does this reduce the cost when compared with smoking cigarettes, but it does so in comparison with disposable vapes, too! Disposable vapes are probably the most expensive form of vaping, both in terms of your pocket - and the environment. E-cigarette use has also increased amongst the younger generation since the introduction of disposable vaping. 

The Spiraling Cost of Living

No one has managed to escape the sky rocketing prices of everyday items in recent times. It begs the question on what luxuries we can no longer afford. If you're wondering whether you'd be better off buying a pack of cigarettes and becoming a smoker again - think again! Being a smoker comes with more than a hefty price tag - it costs your health too!

Spiraling cost of living | Original C Eliquids

Finding a good online e-cigarette and vape e-liquid retailer is a good place to start! You need to be sure that you are sourcing your supplies from a trusted retailer with high quality products and lots of choice! Cheap e-liquid isn't always the best option as this can sometimes impede on the product's quality and taste. If you're a smoker who has tried vaping for the first time, you may be put off by the cheap vape e-liquid you've purchased at your local corners shop! Don't let one experience spoil your chances of a successful switch - keep trying different e-cigarettes and e-juice flavours if one doesn't meet your standards - the choice really is endless.

What Vaping Supplies are needed?

As a new vaper, you may be overwhelmed with the types of vape kits and consumable items like coils and chargers. It's best to start off with a simple starter kit. Many vapers choose to stick with these types of vape kits after they've settled with using these types of e-cigarette devices. Some chose to upgrade to pod kits or even the chunky mod style vape kits (although these aren't for everyone!). If you find a decent vape kit that you are happy with, it should last you at least a year. With the more popular starter kits, you will find you can replace things like the glass and the drip tip fairly easily - helping to increase the longevity of the e-cigarette. 

vaping supplies | Original C Blog

On average, you will need a monthly supply of a pack of coils - some may find that these last much longer than a month. It all comes down to the style of vaping and the type of vape e-liquid that you choose to vape!

E-liquid is going to be your main staple of supplies to keep you vaping happily in the months after making the switch to vapes. As mentioned previously, it is vital to choose the right vape e-liquid for you. You may not find this right away, which is why it's good to experiment with flavours. Multibuy deals are always very helpful in making this experimental period as cost effective as possible - helping to make vaping cheaper.

As well as flavour - you need to select the right strength of nicotine for you. Most vape e-liquid brands offer a good range of nicotine levels 

So, what am I saving by vaping over smoking cigarettes?

We've broken down the cost saving to this handy table. Based on a heavy smoker who typically smokes 20 cigarettes a day, and how much vape e-liquid, coils and kits you're likely to use over the course of a day - week - month - year. 

Of course, each individual is different, all smokers are different - and equally, all vapers are different! Whether you are a vaper that prefers vaping with a vape pen or disposable vape - these are definitely factors to take into account. E-cigarettes come in a variety of formats and so vapes cost are going to differ majorly. However, we have taken the nation's best-selling starter kit - the Aspire PockeX, to provide a typical, average cost saving.  It's also worth pointing out that the typical lifespan of the Aspire PockeX is much longer than the year that these figures have been based on, and 1 bottle of e-liquid will last most people up to 5 days - so the cost saving really goes much further...

Smoking 20 cigarettes a day* Equivalent E-liquid** Cost saving  Equivalent E-liquid + Device*** Cost Saving What could you buy instead?
Per day £12.66 £2.07 £10.59 £2.52 £10.14 A coffee & a treat
Per Week £88.62 £14.46 £74.16 £17.81 £70.81 Family Meal
Per Month £379.80 £57.84 £321.96 £20.53 £359.27 Weekend break away
Per Year £4,557.60 £694.08 £3,863.52 £856.43 £3,701.17 Family holiday
Over 5 years £22,788 £3,470.40 £19,317.60 £4,282.15 £18,505.85 A new car!
Over 10 years £45,576 £6,940.80 £38.635.20 £8,564.30 £37,011.70 Upgrade your house!

* Based on the average price of a 20 pack of cigarettes
** Based on our 4 for 3 offer and £2.49 delivery - using 1 bottle of eliquid over 2 days
*** Based on a PockeX Starter Kit with free e-liquid (1 kit for the year), 1 pack of coils per month, 4 for 3 vape e-liquid offer and delivery charges

From looking at this chart, it's plain to see that the savings are considerable! Why waste your money on cigarettes, and what's more, your health, when you could be vaping e-liquid and putting that money to much better use than seeing it go up in smoke!