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5 new vape flavours to try in 2021

New flavours of vape e-liquid are constantly being released, and if you are looking to switch up your regular flavours, knowing what is new to the market could be really beneficial to you. That is why we have put together our list of the top 5 new flavours you need to try this year.


1) Fruit Fizz

This zesty combination of lemon sherbet and blueberry is proving to be an extremely popular new addition to our flavour range. With summer just around the corner having an e-liquid that is fresh and fruity could prove to be your new favourite liquid for your vape, especially if you enjoy the blend of sweet and tart tastes. Bringing together the classic and popular flavours of blueberry and lemon has allowed us to create a high-quality liquid that satisfies our customers needs and gives them the best of all worlds.


2) Mango Mix

We can confirm that this flavour is as delicious as it sounds. Mango Mix brings together the best tastes of tropical fruit with mango, passion fruit, and blueberry to give you an exciting explosion of flavours. Unsurprisingly Mango Mix is one of our top sellers currently and there is no mystery as to why. It’s sweet and vibrant and the kind of flavour that people around you enjoy the smell of when you’re walking down the street. There is no better way to capture the feeling of a summer holiday all year round than using the Mango Mix e-liquid.


3) Ice Blast

If you’re less of a fruit flavour fan or need something to change up your flavour profiles Ice Blast could be exactly what you’re looking for. This cool menthol taste is refreshing in your mouth and is beneficial because it doesn’t matter what kind of flavour you have used before or want to use after as the cold ice won’t create any unusual taste in your mouth when you use it in between other flavours if you’re someone who likes to have different flavours on a regular basis. This is a flavour you will always want to have in as it gives you a nice cooling break from some of the stronger flavours when you need it.


4) Very Berry

This flavour also made it onto another of our articles about the best sweet vape flavours of 2021. As one of our most popular new releases we couldn’t not include the delicious Very Berry onto this list too. The blend of irresistible dark fruits gives it that sweet fruitiness without going overboard. You won’t want to miss out on this incredible flavour, our recent customers have said it has become one of their main e-liquids as it satisfies all their needs both in flavour and strength.


5) Utterly Menthol

Menthol is always a popular choice when it comes to vape e-liquids as there is no flavour more soothing when you are trying to quit smoking than a cool minty menthol. Original C Utterly Menthol will give you that hit of minty freshness as well as making your airways feel clearer as menthol has that unblocking sensation. If you are new to vaping and have recently quit smoking Utterly Menthol is a great flavour to get you started which is why we have added it into this list.


It’s not always easy to find the best new flavours on the market with so much variety available but we hope this list will help to put you in a good direction. Original C have flavours to suit any taste and strength preferences and if you are looking for a change these flavours will provide you a range of options. Find your next favourite e-liquid flavour with our new flavours for 2021 now.