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The 10 ml nic salt e-liquid flavours available from Original C offer a strength of 20 mg in a salt formula. Benefit from a greater nicotine rush, using far less liquid than your usual e-liquid! Great for smokers looking for a way to kick the habit, the nicotine salt formula offers a smooth vaping experience.

Available in popular flavours such as our moreish Cool Menthol, fruity Heisenberger and Candy Blast, you can enjoy great tasting vape eliquids whilst curbing your cigarette cravings with salts. Just like the other vape e-liquids available from Original C, for every ml of e-liquid, our salts carry far fewer toxins than cigarettes. Ideal for smokers looking to give up smoking tobacco cigarettes for good, nic salt e-liquids are the perfect alternative. Check out our range and discover your favourite flavour.
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Frequently Asked Questions | Vaping FAQs

What are nicotine salts?
Nicotine salt e-liquids are a naturally occurring blend. Nicotine salts are extracted directly from tobacco leaves. Nicotine salts provide the most effective way for your body to receive nicotine, and many vapers find salts to be more satisfying than other delivery methods. Nicotine salts reduce the harshness of throat hits, allowing vapers to use stronger eliquids, allowing them to take in more nicotine per puff.
Are nic salts better?
Freebase nicotine is found in most vape ejuices that are most commonly vaped. The nicotine found in tobacco leaves is known as nicotine salts. Along with nicotine, the salts also contain different organic compounds. Nic Salts have the main benefit of not having chemicals added to the tobacco plant to extract the nicotine. As a result, they are smoother to inhale and have a softer throat hit. Therefore, higher mg strengths can be used, providing vapers with a nicotine fix without a harsh throat hit.
Are nicotine salts more addictive?
It's the ability to maintain a smooth inhale while using higher mg nicotine strengths that makes Nic Salts a perfect option for people who like to use higher nicotine strengths. Many people believe that you should use as little nicotine as possible when vaping to prevent using too much nicotine. As a result, people usually vape more than they normally would in order to achieve the right dosage. Vapers use their devices less when using Nic Salts, which suggests that they take in less nicotine in total than what they would if you used a lower dosage. So in effect, nic salts are not more addictive as vapers tend to vape less after taking in more nicotine per puff.
Are nic salts stronger?
Anyone looking to switch from smoking to vaping will benefit from the speed at which the nic is absorbed into their bodies, as they will find the experience similar to their old habits. It is much more similar to the sensation of smoking a cigarette when using nicotine salts than when using freebase nicotine e-liquids.
Do nic salts taste better?
As nic salts have a much smoother throat hit and won't alter your juice's taste because they have a more neutral pH. The throat hit of a 3mg freebase nicotine e-liquid is about the same as that of a 20mg nic salt solution. As Nic salts vaporize at lower temperatures, they are ideal for mouth-to-lung vape pen or e-cigarette vape kits with low power requirements. The PG to VG ratio tends to be around 50/50 for high strength e-liquids. Benzoic acid is added to freebase nicotine so that it evaporates more easily, so when you use a 20mg nic salt you'll be feeling more like you're taking 24mg freebase nicotine. Moreover, you will not feel harsh on the inhale and you won't have to compromise on the flavour of your e-liquid.